We always aim to get fresh photos from each of our shows, so you can see exactly what a BoomCats performance will look like at your event. We also love to pose for photographers, and love taking photos with other people.

We understand how important it is to keep your social media looking FRESH, so if you are an an event agency, club or a producer of event or festival, you cannot miss the opportunity to have BoomCats dancers on your stage!

With dozens of beautiful ladies, with extraordinary, sexy, and unique and unusual costumes, combined with a range of special effects, LEDs, lasers, and fire arts, BoomCats’ performers and models are the muses every photographer dreams of working with.

Contact us today for more information about our styles and special effects. If you’re looking for models to elevate your photography, BoomCats are here!

music video

BoomCats have worked with a variety of artists to help create their original music videos. We can perform with LEDs, lasers, and even fire! Let us create a choreography with our performers to bring the heat your your next video project!

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get in touch
to start an amazing experience


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