brand new performative styles

The BoomCats women performers crew was founded in 2018 and is currently settled in Prague, Czech Republic. The group connects female artists from all over the country which enables us to create unique program full of several performative styles for your events.

About the show

Safety first – this is our motto. We provide EXTRAORDINARY AND SEXY SHOW. With dozens of happy clients across Prague´s clubs we are rocking the current performer´s scene.

GOGO dance is a style of poor reputation. We decided to elevate the old-fashioned into modern, elegant and extravagant performance. We do GOGO dance even with real FIRE! 

Our performance is ideal for moto events, music festivals, clubs, parties and progressive events. 

Booties, boobs and the smell of fuel

When we started our journey, there was nothing like SEXY FLOW ARTS performer on the scene. Flow arts is a set of skills – movement, juggling, fire arts, spinning, hooping…

We connected as a tribe to bring our booties, boobs and passion to each and every show we are performing for you. Because we believe there is a big need to admire highly skilled, intelligent and powerful ladies on the stage.

sexy flow arts ambassadors

Bring the action

We are dance crew of strong, loving, clever and independent women. We love our bodies, we love to move and we encourage each other every moment we spend together. To be the part of the BoomCats crew is like to find a new family.

It takes years, passion and toughness to get the skills we are performing on stage. To perfect these skills we organize workshops, trainings and skill sharing almost every week. If you want to be part of our team, CONTACT US! We are looking forward to meet you. 

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