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Can flow arts be sexy?

„So, you’re basically strippers, right?”
„Where is the man-manager I can talk to?”
„„Women only, huh? They probably don’t have the skill and technique or understand the business, obviously.“


If you want to really understand the time when we started our journey, try to imagine this: you are an event manager wanting to organize a big music festival, moto GP or a wedding and you order a fireshow. There is a huge possibility that the performers turn up dressed all in black, black scarfs covering their hair and with heavy outdoor shoes.
Most of us used to be a part of such a group. However, we knew there must’ve been another way.

Women only, huh? They probably don’t have the skill and technique, or understand the business, obviously.


Oh really, Karen? And what will you say if I tell you we actually work with the best female spinners in Czech Republic?

There is Katartina – female poi spinner who handles not only two, but three and four fire poi and breath fire like a dragon. Her resting bitch face during the show will blow your mind.

There is Michaela – amazing poi and fans performer. She does the show so cute, clean and sexy and you will love to look at her smiling face and round booty.

There is Terezka – the best female performer you can currently see on the Czech flow arts scene whatsoever – she can create an amazing show with any prop you can imagine – double staff, dragonstaff, poi and her fans technique is legendary worldwide. 

Šárka – a beautiful gymnast, pole dancer and contortionist who can stretch in ways you think are not possible for a human body.

Terka – the best techy fan spinner in Czech Republic that also handles partner poi like a boss.

ReVu – one of the best Czech hula hoop dancers and teachers.

I could continue all day long with this topic. So you see, Karen? We have skills and the decision to look sexy came willingly and after long years of training.


“When I came to Prague from my little Moravian village as a girl who was thrilled to perform shows for a living, I tried to convince many Prague clubs and make them realise they want my show. I needed to pay rent, so the motivation was there! After a couple failures (most didn’t enjoy my poi skills despite me beeing one of the best spinners in Czech those days…. ) I understood, that I had to be sexy, authentic, confident and keep things simple.

You have to choose costume, which highlights your body. It is not about the naked skin, is it about your comfort. If you feel uncomfortable in your costume, the audience feels it. 

If you want to succeed, you have to know your strong moves. Do not integrate any moves you are not 100% sure how to do. Connect following the easiest way on the stage with working hard AF during trainings. Find your flow.

Your face and body expression is everything. Connect your natural movements with pauses. Be dramatic.  Make a choreography for your face expression and feelings as well. Control yourself during the show. Slow down. You can spin fast only if you know, how to spin slow.

When you compose your first show,  make it for 10 minutes. Then cut all the weak moments out and stick to 4 minutes of awesomeness. Do not overthink. Imagine yourself executing the show under pressure, stressed and after 3 hours of driving to the venue. You will FAIL if you are going to do EVERYTHING you know in only one show.

The message was loud and clear. I understood the assignment.
Darling Cabaret on Wenceslas Square “adopted me” and I started performing there regularly with my visual poi LED dance, I am still doing this show now, mainly for the nostalgic feel of my performance roots. I think the current BoomCats style is grounded in this experience.

← Jiřina Svobodová
co-founder of BoomCats crew

With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work the word about extravagant and affordable LED GOGO dancers soon spread through the biggest Prague clubs.

We had the opportunity to perform for Epic Prague, Radost FX, Mecca, Fashion Club, Chapeau Rouge, K.U. club, Sa.Sa.Zu and also Duplex.

The show for Duplex is quite unique, because there is a STRICT ban of any fire and our client wanted fireshow. Well, what do we do now? They have an old fire alarm, which cannot be shut down. So if we fail, the whole party will end with a water splash. It was obvious, we weren’t able to do any of our big fire effects or the long fire performance we were used to doing. And the fire safety rules are always the priority.

SO we came up with a whole new concept!
FIRE GOGO DANCE – short dance acts with small fire effects such as indoor palm torches, eating fire and little fire fans. We ordered special non-smoking fuel for this show and it worked!!! We did several performances during the party, the audience loved us and it was smooth and natural just to prettify the party with unusual firedancers.


↑ Michaela Šafrová
co-founder of BoomCats Crew

“I had two main drives to found BoomCats back in 2019. Seeing most performance groups were led by men and women would be taken less seriously, I decided it was time for the ladies to rule the fire. I wanted to bring femininity, confidence, woman power and independence into Czech fire arts. On top of that, I was inspired by other strong, ambitious women, especially our mama Jiřinka. Fascinated by her skill and experience, I made her fall for the same idea – and soon, the badass BoomCats team was born.”

So that’s how our “club shows” began, including fire poi, fire breathing, fakir show, pixel poi, hula hoop, acrobatics and extravagant LED costumes. All those beautiful effects are based on each girl’s many years of training and tons of experience on the performative scene.


Well, so what do you think now, can be flowarts sexy? What do you think is YOUR favourite performative style? Leave us a comment on our social networks.