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One shot video shooting Bratronice

While all the culture and events were prohibited, we wanted to bring an experience of the performance to your home that would be as authentic as possible. That is why we decided to do it all in one shot.


“Ladies, I am so happy to meet with you all! Sundays  training is the bright spot of my week. The online school sucks and, well, I love my boyfriend, but I am so glad to see other human beings!“ said Terka during our regular skillshare. The lockdown days were tough for all the performers and artists. It was the same for our young BoomCats crew – we performed very few shows, no deadlines pushing us further and it became hard to find the motivation to drill the skill. It was clear that we had to start a new project to survive that pandemic.

Let's create a completely new show! For who? Clients? There are none... Let's do it for us. Because we love it.


In such circumstances we knew, this show was more about the journey and putting our big heart on the stage instead of cold precision. The elevation which the beginners had to accomplish to be a part of this act was huge and required toughness.

It took us 6 months of dancing, spinning, stretching and synchronizing to put together an 8 minute act. We are 8 performers, 3 of them are new kittens and they have had no fire in their hands before. It was also the first time for some of our ladies to dance in high heels.

The public fire premiere took place in front of the Cross Club – as our big thanks to the club for supporting our several photoshoots. We had a huge audience and if you were there, thank you all for your warm feedback. We are always happy to hear compliments like this:

“Hey, that was one hell of a show tonight. I’ve seen loads of fires shows, but none like yours. Keep it up girls 🙂

“Your show was amazing! Absolutely stunning costumes!”

After the fire premiere we knew we were ready to shoot the whole show. There was no better location for our booties and boobs than RZ Bratronice – Areál bývalé raketové základny. You might know about the postapo festival Junktown – BUDUJEME NOVÝ, HORŠÍ SVĚT!, Cybertown or Nuclear Winter – all these epic events take place there regularly and we must be thankful to the community around us for making it happen. Thanks to the crew for letting us shoot there!


BoomCats at RZB

The one and only Honza Lacina as a cameraman, Martin Zběžek as a support on location and later as a video editor. We brought Fux Karachovič – an expert on mongolian calligraphy to the project too to let him paint on our bodies and bring his „deep artistic shit“ to the whole scene. 

←Fux Karachovič created a poem for our BoomCats crew, we found it very inspiring and beautiful. Visit the webpage of this extraordinary guy as well.
Fux Karachovič | Mongolian calligraphy 

Bathe in flames


Smile as you burn,

Feel the flow engulging your body,

 Long gone are the weak days,



Inhale the acid and imagine roses,

 Sheravedd awaits you, dear.

The feast is limitless,



Let the current take you,

 All ships left the port.

Left you.

And the choice is yours, KittyCat.

Burn or die


Just smile in the face of pain,

 be at peace.

The soul and mind shall be one.

Glare at your claws, beast.


 You choose the Boom,

 And you shall bathe in flames.

After we arrived at the location, it took us few hours to decide which scene fits local spots and to set the camera. We had to practically teach Honza his own „camera-dance“ around us to hide all the people running from one location to the next.
Then we put the make-up and costumes on, took a few shots of Jack Daniels (oh yes, this is our favourite drink, and you are always welcomed to the backstage holding a bottle of this sweetie) and performed our show.

 Honza Lacina
cameraman, performer, artist

“It was a big challenge to shoot the whole act. I was changing the locations while the show went on, holding the camera, focusing on the frame and struggling with the complicated terrain. Even though we had bad light conditions I think the result is worth all the work.”

We decided on having only two tries. We knew we had to be precise and could not allow ourselves to mess it up. And then it started to rain. Well, more JackDaniels, please….
After a very tough, long, cold and wet night we went home at 1 am in the morning. We were tired to death, but happy inside. 

Thank you, to all our friends, for making this happen!

Your warm and loving
BoomCats crew


„My wish was to create an experience of a real show as authentically as possible. That is why we spent several shots only recording the fire sound effect. We did the choreo completely speechless and without music. It was quite extraordinary when we put the audio together with the video and it matched the tempo! The girls are amazing.“

← Jiřina Svobodová, director of the project


With a dream team of our friends, we knew it would be good. So, we hope you like the result 😊